Double direct victories at the Cannes Film Festival – American-Indian designer Anjali Phougat launches her long-awaited “Designer Dream Collection” fashion platform

Anjali Phougat will present her award-winning haute couture creations. She specializes in Indian designer wedding dresses and Indian bridal jewelry.

New Albany, Ohio – January 10, 2022 – The fashion design industry stood up and took notice when award-winning fashion designer Anjali Phougat announced that she was about to launch her long-awaited haute couture “Designer dream collection“website. Its American Indian Fashion Designs have earned him numerous distinctions and awards. Anjali’s premium luxury product line includes clothing, jewelry and accessories for women, men and children.

Its new launch follows a double victory at the Cannes Film Festival. In early 2021, she wrote and produced a short film “Inclusion Through Unity” on gender inequalities and LGBT rights issues, which screened at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival and received the Global Short Film Awards in the category Best short film. At the same time, a South Asian model and actress and model and the first girl from the Telugu community paraded for the Designer Dream Collection in Cannes.

In a recent interview, Anjali was asked how she got to this point in her career: “I am an innovative and artistic professional fashion designer with 15 years in the fashion and clothing industry. media. I harnessed the ability to work efficiently and on schedule after being trained in stressful and time-consuming work environments. I specialize in contemporary women’s clothing, from concept to clothing.

She goes on to say, “I have developed strong skills in still photography and art direction, shooting, taking into account the specific demands of clients and photographers. As a fashion stylist and creative editor who creates fresh and innovative concepts for publishing, advertising, product launches, films and video clips, I provide on-set support and can work remotely in preparing a full storyboard for the shoots. This includes wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup and pose references. I like to be extremely involved in every aspect of the job, making sure it is complete from start to finish.

After living for 26 years in India, Anjali moved to USA to pursue his passion in creative fields as a creative designer and provide different services to his global clients. She is ready to present her new collection at the New York Fashion Week event in February 2022.

Anjali Phougat strongly believes in giving back to the community. She supports victims of domestic violence and women victims of willful violence for a Miami-based national NGO TV show about a former Bollywood actress. Anjali is currently designing outfits voluntarily for an Ohio State University fashion show and proceeds from the show will be donated to the college education of victims of human trafficking.

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