Film Hereford screened at the international film festival

A FILM made in Hereford has been recognized by an international festival for its deep history.

Cold by Hereford company Open Sky is screened online as part of the prestigious London International Mime Festival from 12 January to 6 February.

Open Sky is led by award-winning Herefordshire artists Claire Coaché, physical theater director and performer, and her husband Lisle Turner, playwright and filmmaker.

Claire Coaché ​​and Lisle Turner are award-winning artists from Herefordshire who run the Open Sky Theatre.

In 2012 and 2014, the couple lost two babies, the first due to a fatal genetic disease for the unborn child and the second in a miscarriage with near-fatal blood loss for Claire.

This heartbreaking experience led them to research the topic of baby loss and miscarriage.

The realization that 1 in 4 pregnancies fails prompted them to develop Cold, a story based on their own experience and that of twelve other bereaved parents.

The resulting film Cold is co-written and co-directed by the couple and dedicated to their baby sons, Bodhi and Brock.

They hope to amplify the conversation on this still taboo subject that affects so many families.

Hereford Times: Cold looks at baby loss and miscarriage and is based on its creators' own experience. Cold looks at baby loss and miscarriage and draws on its creators’ own experience.

Gareth McLean, journalist for The Guardian and Radio Times, said: “Taking pain and turning it into something beautiful is quite extraordinary, but Cold takes it a step further than that. It’s theatrically ingenious, daring and arresting, and unflinchingly addresses what may be the most defining and universal of all human experiences – loss.”

Cold was filmed on the main stage at Courtyard Hereford while the venue was closed during the pandemic, then premiered on location in October last year.

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