Hollywood Women’s International Film Festival announces 2021 winners



Director JR Niles announced the 2021 Hollywood International Women’s Film Festival film jury selections, forums and special award winners. The festival will be held at the James Bridges Theater at UCLA on Saturday, October 24, 2021.

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award goes to actress-producer-writer Gina Gershon for her outstanding and enormous contributions to film, theater, music and television, and for her support of LGBTQ visibility in the arts, for inspiring women in the arts with her choice artistic courage, extraordinary talent, brilliant and memorable performances, courage in taking risks, her grace, kindness and activism compassionate. The Cecily Adams Casting Director Award goes to casting director Michelle Lewitt for her support of actors and women filmmakers. Actor Jim Beaver will be present to present the award named after his late wife, actress-casting director-lyricist Cecily Adams.

Other special awards presented at the festival will include: The Activism Award will be presented to filmmaker and neuroscientist Dr. Charlotte Wincott for her work in raising national awareness of opioid addiction. The Rising Star Award will be presented to actress-musician Jacqueline Lord for her extraordinary talent as an actress and music. The Emerging Actress Award will be awarded to Carie Kawa. The Emerging Actor Award will go to Piers Stubbs.

The Hollywood Women’s Film Institute Festival was founded in 2019 as a feminist non-profit organization, established to support and facilitate programs and opportunities for female filmmakers and student filmmakers in film, television and media across the world. whole world. Its advisory board is made up of men and women from all film and television backgrounds, including writers, directors, producers, film consultants, talent managers, entertainment lawyers, actors, actresses, makeup artists, costume designers and media designers.


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