Julianne Moore to lead Venice Film Festival jury

At the next Venice Film Festival, Hollywood actress Julianne Moore will chair the Festival’s main international jury. It will take place between August 31 and September 10.

The Festival is celebrating its 79th edition this year. From August 31 to September 10, the Festival will take place on the Lido island of the lagoon city.

She will be joined by six men and women on the panel

In addition to Moore, she will also have six men and women on her panel, including French director Audrey Diwan, who won this year’s Golden Lion for her film Happening, Italian director Leonardo Di Costanzo and Argentinian Mariano Cohn. In addition to them, Spanish actor Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Iranian actress Leila Hatami and Japanese writer and screenwriter Kazuo Ishiguro will join us at the conference.

A Golden Lion will be awarded to the best film, and a Silver Lion will be awarded to the best actor and actress, among other trophies that the jury will award.

She is the ninth woman to serve as president of the international jury.

Moore is the ninth woman in the Festival’s 79-year history to serve as president of the international jury and the third in the past six years after Annette Benning in 2017, Lucrecia Martel in 2019 and Cate Blanchett in 2020.

The actress won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Still Alice in 2015. She’s already been nominated for two Best Actress Oscars and two Best Supporting Actress Oscars.

The Best Actress Oscar, which she shared with Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep for Les Heures in 2003, was awarded to her by Cannes in 2014 for Maps to the Stars, and in Berlin in 2003 she won it with Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep. .

Known for her precise and sympathetic portrayal of women at odds with their environment, she is often in films that deal with social issues; she is an American actress.

Following his early experiences as a child who was bullied because of his red hair and freckles, Moore wrote the children’s book Freckleface Strawberry (2007). In 2010, the first volume of her series was adapted into a musical, resulting in a sequel written by her. Besides My Mom Is a Foreigner, but Not to Me (2013), she has also written several other children’s books.

Venetian Film Festival: what is its purpose?

Taking place on the picturesque island of Lido, off mainland Venice, the Festival, the oldest in the world, even predating Cannes, is the oldest film festival in the world. It was once thought to be a platform for fascist cinema, but under the direction of Marco Mueller and Alberto Barbera, Venice has become a showcase for some of the best films made in recent years. A number of these films have been nominated for and even won Oscars.

As part of the 78th Venice International Film Festival, La Biennale di Venezia is organizing the event under the direction of Alberto Barbera. The event took place at Venice Lido from September 1 to 11, 2021.

Moore has a variety of qualities that are undeniably different from others. It is obvious that she is a very competent person. What do you think of her as head of the Venice Film Festival jury this year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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