Lakshmi Pushpa’s short film Kombal awarded at the Cannes World Film Festival


Short film by novice director Lakshmi Pushpa Kombal won the highest honor at the monthly Cannes World Film Festival. The short film was thus selected to participate in the large annual film festival to be held in 2022. Lakshmi’s film participated in the October edition of the monthly short film festival.

The film which tells the mental state of a woman and how she manages her daily life received very good reviews.

The film which is selected as the best of the monthly event gets direct entry to compete in the iconic Cannes film festival. The names of the monthly winners would be published by IMDb, the online movie database.

Lakshmi works as a research assistant in the Web and New Media section of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Government of Kerala.

Kombal has already won prestigious awards in numerous film festivals.

Jolly Chirayath stars in Kombal. Baiju Netto and Vishnu Sanal Kumar also play key roles.

Jolly won Best Actress at the Museum Talkies International Festival and the Madras Independent Film Festival. In this last festival, Kombal also won awards for best screenplay and best director.

The scenario of Kombal is written by Arathy MR. Omana PV and Preetha Nair funded the award-winning short. Sreerag Mangath launched the camera, while editing is handled by Ashish Gopi. Sibi Joseph made the art while Dileep Das designed the movie poster. Amalraj and Suganya are the assistant directors.

Basil CJ’s background score helps the story of Kombal. It won the award for best background music for this film at the Indian Creative Minds Film Festival. Nived Mohandas did the sound design. Kombal also won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Sound Design at the South Indian Art and Cultural Film Award.

Kombal was also voted best film at the Black Board International Film Festival. During this time, it was selected as the second best film of the IFTA Short Film Festival. Kombal was the official selection of the Noble International Film Festival and Awards, Pune Short Film Festival and Asha International Film Festival.


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