My City – Nepal America Film Society’s Nepal-America International Film Festival 2022 kicks off virtually and physically


The Nepal-America International Film Festival 2022 will be held physically and virtually in Maryland, USA from June 23-26.

According to the festival organizer “Nepal America Film Society”, under the festival which will be held for four days, 38 films from about 12 countries including Nepal and America will be screened at the festival.

The festival will be inaugurated with the screening of the film ‘Halkara’ directed by Bikram Sapkota at the Greenbelt Theatre. Likewise, the festival will close after the screening of the documentary ‘Brick Mule’ by Michael Brown and the short film ‘The Lip Readers’ by Eric Spink at the same Theatre.

Besides the physical screening of the films, during the festival, audiences could view the screening of the film from their smartphones, i-pads, computers, laptops and smart TVs through event apps. As in previous years, two films will be screened in collaboration with the Global Peace Film Festival and DMV (D, Maryland and Virginia) will be screened to encourage local filmmakers.

In addition, a program will be organized for the public and the filmmakers-directors as well as the actors of the projected film to discuss their respective films. Virtual chats will also take place with Abinash Bikram Shah and Surakshya Panta, who attended the Cannes Film Festival this year. Likewise, the best films selected for the competition will be rewarded.

The awards will be announced by the seven judges which include; Anup Subedi from Nepal, Rebecca Bustamante from America. Likewise, the members of the jury will be Nina Streich, Bhavani Rao, Deborah Jones, Farid Bozorgmehr and Portia Cobe.

This festival has been organized annually by the non-profit organization Nepal America Film Society since 2017 AD.

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