Oyetola launches the Royal Cocoa International Film Festivals –


Osun State Governor Adegboyega Oyetola launched the Royal Cocoa International Film Festivals as part of the events marking the 8th annual Cocoa Festival in the state.

The governor, represented by the state commissioner for agriculture, Addayo Adewole, kicked off the festival on Friday.

Oyetola did it at Filmhouse Cinemas, Osun Mall in Osogbo, the state capital.

The Royal Cocoa International Film Festivals are an initiative of Eti-Oni Development Group to promote the cocoa renaissance in the country and the continent.

Speaking on behalf of the governor, Adewole said the state government supports the state’s cocoa farmers in a number of ways to ensure that they grow easily and earn commensurate profits.

Oyetola praised the Oloni of Eti-Oni, Oba Dokun Thompson, Gureje IV, for the constant promotion of cocoa and pledged the state government support to the cocoa farmers and the Cocoa Festival.

While speaking, Oba Thompson said cocoa farmers are in a very difficult situation and they are looking for a way out.

He said the state government is doing everything it can to support cocoa farmers.

The traditional chief said cocoa farmers also have to work to get out of the difficult situation they have found themselves in.

The film series viewed included The Legend of the Cocoa King, a 2D animated short to celebrate cocoa farmers around the world, from Oba Dokun Thompson.

Other films included Barry Alexander Brown’s Son of the South, executive produced by Spike Lee; 5150 by Denzel Whitaker, executive produced by David Oyelowo; Come with me from Vineesha Arora-Sarin; and Between the Mountains of Vineesha Arora-Sarin, produced by Amit Sarin and Queen Angélique-Monet.

The president of the Eti-Oni development group, Queen Angélique-Monet Gureje-Thompson, Yeyeluwa Olori of Eti-Oni and co-founder of the Royal Cocoa International Film Festivals, said the initiative aims to redefine the film industry. mainland cocoa.

She noted that the initiative aimed to re-value cocoa with a renewed mindset and transform cocoa-growing regions so that farmers can have esteem and dignity for the next generation. embraces cocoa cultivation with pride.

A member of the Eti-Oni Development Group Advisory Board, Prince Charles Jibromah expressed his gratitude to the state government and others who attended the event.


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