San Sebastián Film Festival: “Blue Moon” wins first prize, closing 69th edition



The San Sebastian International Film Festival closed its 69th edition on Saturday with Romanian director Alina Grigore’s debut film “Blue Moon” taking first prize.

The film festival has definitely proven that it is now a major event for European and world cinema, with another woman taking the top prize, as in Cannes and Venice.

“This award represents the courage of a team of artists to express female creativity in a different way and creativity in general,” said Grigore.

His raw and uplifting debut film was the surprise Golden Shell winner, even after he was by no means a press and audience favorite for an award.

“Blue Moon” follows the story of young Irina who dreams of pursuing higher education at the University of Bucharest as her dysfunctional family serves to undermine her future.

An ambiguous sexual experience with an artist pushes her to fight against the violence of her family.

Spanish cinema also shone in San Sebastian with the more than three-hour docufiction of Madrid-based Jonás Trueba, “Quién lo impide” (“Who stops us”), which won the award for best supporting actor and the international press award FIPRESCI, which went to the entire cast. of 200 high school students.

“We want to say that we are very happy that you are giving us this award because you are not rewarding us by playing fictional characters, but by imagining ourselves as fictional characters telling our truth and talking about things that we think are important to us. be heard, ”actress Candela Recio said.

The docufiction is a cinematic experience before and during the coronavirus era, filming the aspirations and fears of Spanish youth.

Icíar Bollaín’s dramatic film Maixabel also won the Izicar Award for Best Basque Film, another victory for Spanish cinema. The film looks back on the dark days of ETA through the story of Maixabel Lasa who meets her husband’s murderer eleven years later.


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