Secret makeup tips from the Cannes Film Festival 2022

New Delhi, June 6 (IANSlife): The Cannes red carpet always sets the tone for the upcoming holiday season when it comes to beauty and fashion. Makeup artist Divya Behl shared her secret tricks to try:

* Double cleanse your face and put on your vitamins first such as vitamin C, niacinamide serum or hyaluronic serum for plumper skin.

* A good moisturizer that is not too oily is key. Hydrated skin will allow makeup to hold and last longer.

* Before applying powder or foundation, wipe the skin with a rose-based toner. Wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and wipe the skin with it. This helps to close the pores.

* Always apply light layers to your skin and don’t rush. Allow the products to settle on the skin before adding more on top. And fingertips can help blend products, especially cream-based ones, into the skin for a flawless finish.

* Highlighting any part of the face makes it look bigger, brighter and better. For larger eyes, highlight them. Lightly brush your brow bone, inner corners of eyes and center of lids. All these highlights will make the eyes look dazzling and bigger.

*To get the face outline and jawline, just draw a number “3” around the eyes and cheeks. Then dust the powder with a contour brush and gently blend the blush.

*It’s an old trick, but it’s a sure hit. To make the lipstick last all day, just put it on the lips and then place a tissue on the lips. Sprinkle a little powder to fix the color. For a quick lip gloss, grab the old, broken pieces of eye shadow that are left over. Press them into a powder, squeeze some petroleum jelly in them and you’re done!

* For lipstick colors, choose between light pink and mauve, which are “icy” colors and look cool. It may be a good idea to stick with lip gloss during the day. For the night, you can use brighter colors.

* Add any facial oil to your lips for a fuller pout.

* Powder based makeup when layered over cream makeup will last hours longer than just applied alone. Cream-based products, if applied alone, will sweat out the fastest. Layering powder over cream helps seal both products in place and create unparalleled lasting power.

* Finish with a setting spray, sealing your look is the most vital and effective step to avoid summer makeup problems. While it adds a protective layer to your makeup, it also helps set the base to keep you carefree throughout the day.

* Hide in blotting paper, one of the niftiest tricks can sometimes fall flat on your face and if you’re someone who suffers from excessive facial sweating, keeping a blotting paper in your purse is a great way to keep extra moisture and sweat at bay. . The application of waterproof products is essential if you use blotting paper

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