The Bali International Film Festival will soon take place in Kuta – Indonesia Expat

The Bali International Film Festival, also known locally as Balinale, will be held this year at Cinema XXI Beachwalk, Kuta, from June 9-12, 2022.

Balinale will present a program of feature and short films, documentaries and docu-fiction in the form of films shown on cinema screens and available for streaming.

A total of 63 films representing 26 countries will be screened during the four days of the festival. The festival will also host the world premiere of the film Keluarga Cemara 2 which officially opens the series of festivals on June 9, 2022. Ismail Basbeth, the director of Keluarga Cemara 2 will present the premiere of their film.

Balinale Founder and Executive Director Deborah Gabinetti said most of the films that will be screened at Balinale have just been released and many will be world premieres, Asian premieres and Indonesian premieres, from global and local producers.

This year’s Balinale will continue its long tradition of showcasing independent films with a variety of genres, styles and languages,” she says.

Balinale Festival’s mission is to promote independent cinema and showcase the best of Indonesian films, which are increasingly gaining global recognition at international film festivals such as Locarno Film Festival, Toronto, Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, Busan in South Korea, and Seattle.

“There is a new spirit that is more focused and very clear among filmmakers all over Indonesia. I think the global film industry should see all the positive achievements of the Indonesian film industry,” Gabinetti noted.

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