The film “Purgatorio” by Vassilis Mazomenos enters the circuit of international film festivals

The 10th feature by award-winning Greek writer and producer Vassilis Mazomenos started its international film festival after its completion.

The 95-minute dark comedy/drama, shot entirely in Greece, explores seven different stories about love in modern Greece, by people looking for it, finding it, losing it.

In his director’s statement, Mazomenos explains:

“The film is structured in seven chapters, an introduction and a finale. Shot in just 14 days, Purgatory revisits a dominant theme, love, in such a way that the heroes of the different stories come together, reminding us that what we see is part of an entire society. The title recalls the Middle Ages. It evokes souls, torture, eternal death or eternal redemption. How far and yet how close to our time. A time of pandemic and disintegration of the social fabric. The film tries to show this madness that is rampant nowadays, but having the constant love that all the heroes of the stories seek as a refuge. And even if it is not given to them or does not really belong to them, they grab it like a thirsty man in the desert grabs a bottle for the last drop of water.
A film by Vassilis Mazomenos "Purgatory" enters circuit 3 of international film festivals

The story

A monk leads a procession in an attempt to open a temple, which authorities have closed due to a pandemic.

A young girl, a victim of abandonment and exploitation, is rescued from prostitution when her long-lost father reappears.

Two college students, descendants of wealthy families, become the perpetrators of violent incidents, unjustifiably injuring a woman.

A policewoman convinces an old man with dementia that he is her father.

A couple tries to recover their broken relationship which ends in loneliness.

A woman expresses her anger to an official after losing her husband to his indifference.

A bourgeois sneaks his best friend, suffering from cancer, out of the hospital to offer him a happy end by the sea.

A film by Vassilis Mazomenos "Purgatory" enters circuit 4 of international film festivals

Production Companies
Hormes pictures [gr]
Prosenghisi film and video productions [gr]
Ekome – National Audiovisual Media Center
Hellenic Radio and Television (ERT)
TV movie Vasilis Alatas [gr]

History of Vassilis Mazomenos
Written by Vassilis Mazomenos, Vassilis Goudelis
Directed by Vassilis Mazomenos

The main cast
Maria Zorba as Electra, Kostas Baras as Monk, Nefeli Kouri as Aphrodite
Yannis Kokiasmenos as Father, Thodoros Katsafados as Old Man
Electra Gennata as Woman in Black, Angeliki Karistinou as Officer’s Wife
Christos Zaxarof as young man A, Dimitris Fourlis as young man B
Vangelis Psomas as Officer, Nikos Pantelidis as Registrar
Andreas Natsios as Vassilis, Thanassis Chalkias as Colleague
Maria Karakitsou as Souliotisa, Katerina Tsasi as the young man’s mother
Adrian Frieling as Elvis, Anna Goula as Self, Dimitris Siganos as Diakos

Producers Vassilis Mazomenos, Panos Papadopoulos
Vasilis AlatasCo-producer
Executive producer Lampros Georgopoulos
Original music by Alexander Christaras, Michalis Nivolianitis
Photograph by Fotis Mitsis
Editing of the film by Alexander Christaras, Evi Loi
Production design by Vassilis Mazomenos
Art direction by Dimitra Panagiotopoulou
Costume design by Sophia Katsoura
Makeup artist Afroditi Misiakouli
Hairdresser Alex Scissors
Sound engineer Costas Chrysogelos
Sound engineer Antonis Samaras

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