The third Tencent Music Entertainment Festival will be screened in Kugou, listen to Sing For Music! _TOM information


December 4, 2021

Music lovers, be careful! The third TMEA Tencent Music Entertainment Festival, heavyweight in the Chinese music industry and eagerly awaited by users, invites you soon! Living Up to the Expectation of the Year, December 11, Unprecedented Music Audiovisual Festival will bring high-end fun to music lovers in Macau, China. This time, the new force of the Chinese music scene, the Times Youth League, has also been invited to join. The green years are born in the sun, and I can’t wait for them to create their own musical era with passion on stage!

On December 11, the two major platforms Kugou Music and Kugou Live will simultaneously broadcast live events. Tune in to Kugou, search for TMEA, set a little alarm clock, make an appointment with me to watch the festival, and look forward to the super searing Times Youth League performance.

Recently, it can be said that The Times Youth League’s acting career is in full swing and the surprises continue. On November 17, the Times Youth League won the Best Combination Award and the Annual Golden Melody Award on the Eastern Billboard. That’s enough to prove their transformation and growth on the road to music over the past two years as a band.

On the second anniversary of the Times Youth League’s debut, their single “New Guofeng” “Drunk” used multiple TOP1s to present themselves with the best debut gift. On the first day of its launch, “Drunk” played over 2,300,000+ on Kugou Music, and listeners topped 450,000+. He was on the Kugou Soaring list, Kugou Mainland list, 00 Hot Songs list, Music by You list and Kugou. N ° 1 of these 5 lists on the TOP500 list. In the south, the old dream is complex and love is just for the journey of youth. The production of this single confirms to the public the exceptional growth of the Times Youth Group, and also opens a new chapter in music for this group of young adolescents.

The third Tencent Music Entertainment Festival will be screened in Kugou, listen to Sing For Music!  _TOM information

Today, Times Youth Group is once again invited as a guest artist at the Third Tencent Music Entertainment Festival, demonstrating this music group’s influence on the Chinese music scene that cannot be ignored. As a popular male idol group in continental entertainment, the Times Youth League is now very dazzling in terms of strength and popularity on stage. Look forward to the endless teenage light on the Kugou stage on December 11th.

The TMEA Tencent Music Entertainment Festival brings together high-quality international musicians here, and its “international” outlook provides a wider stage for new Chinese musicians. After a series of awards, it can not only help singers to advertise their works, but also promote the positive development of the music world through professionalism and influence, and disseminate valuable music to a group of more users. large. Countless music-loving people gather here, taste classics, embrace new works, and introduce the world to the strength of Chinese musicians and the charm of Chinese music. This time, Kugou jointly created the Tencent Music Entertainment Festival, which not only promoted the national singers and their musical works to a wider stage, but also allowed their value to shine brightly on the festival stage. So on December 11th, don’t forget to lock Kugou Music, Kugou Live, and enjoy the glory of music together!



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