The Waco Family & Faith International Film Festival leaves viewers thinking about important messages

Photo courtesy of Waco International Family and Faith Film Festival

By Nicholas Foster | Journalist

The third annual Waco Family & Faith International Film Festival took place this weekend at the Cinemark Waco and XD Cinemas. Many movies shared powerful messages and gave every audience something to contemplate.

The event was scheduled to take place at multiple venues in Waco, but was moved due to inclement weather. To conclude the festival, an award ceremony took place in Pivovar.

The festival was organized and founded by Dr. Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing at Baylor. After the first five films screened, she sat down with several directors and actors from different films to answer questions from audience members, as well as discuss the production of each film.

“Our film festival mantra is to let your light shine, so that’s what we want to do, shine our little film festival light,” Lindsey-Warren said.

One show in particular lived up to the film festival mantra. Actor and pastor Terry Weaver starred in “Breaking Strongholds,” a television series that premiered at the festival.

“We are a non-profit organization, all of this is done through donations. It’s very unique to have a show funded by donations,” Weaver said. “All actors actually give their time and talent, so it’s a ministry for actors, myself included. It’s our way of serving outside of the typical church. What you’ll see during part of how this show has evolved is my son on the show, Ryan, is contemplating suicide. It changes over time and there’s a big change in character arch. The cast has such a passion for to serve and wants to do something about teen suicide, so when you come together for a mission like this, it’s amazing to work with people who have the same goal in mind.

Weaver said the series will be available on multiple streaming platforms in late May. Information will be posted on the show’s website as soon as more details become available to the public.

“It’s fun to see the evolution of what God is doing with the show,” Weaver said.

Waco native and film festival junkie Blake Cleave attended several screenings and said he was not disappointed.

“It was such a rich and powerful experience,” Cleave said. “Each film revealed an indispensable message. It was an amazing and empowering festival.

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