Tokyo International Film Festival expresses ‘deep concern’ over ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has continued to escalate and has now entered its 16th day. Several actors, singers and film festival committees have shown their support for Ukraine and its people as they pray for peace and send their love and prayers to all those affected. More recently, the Tokyo International Film Festival expressed its “deep concern” over the current situation.

TIFF worries about the Russian-Ukrainian war

The Tokyo International Film Festival has supported Ukrainian artists in the past and screened several films from the country, including The Painted Bird, Atlantis and more. Following the Russian invasion of the country, the Tokyo International Film Festival committee wants a peaceful resolution to the war. According to Variety, festival officials issued a statement on their support for Ukraine. They mentioned that they wanted to contribute to “world friendship and culture” through movies. They expressed concern about the impact of the war on people’s lives and the “rich culture, including films”. They also mentioned that they were “committed to supporting” the projects and films of Ukrainian nationals “regardless of national borders”. According to a report by Varietythe committee said in its statement-

“The Tokyo International Film Festival expresses its deep concern over this situation, in which people’s lives and their rich culture, including films, are now at risk. As an organization that aims to help promote of global friendship and culture through film, the Tokyo International Film Festival feels the plight of crisis-affected people like ours and is committed to supporting the films and art they produce , regardless of national borders.

Ahead of the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival also expressed concern for those affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war. They also announced a Russian boycott as they stood in solidarity with Ukraine. Although the festival will include independent Russian filmmakers, they will not allow any Russian state-backed projects or releases. According to The Hollywood Reportera statement released by the Toronto Film Festival mentioned that they “oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine” and hope for “peace and stability” in the war-affected country.

Image: AP, Shutterstock

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